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Bethem is a kingdom born when a epic battle of gods finished. But, when they disappeared, creatures lost their sanity and hate reigned the world. This evil power turned into terrible monsters and Eternal War began, a time of suffering and struggle for survival threatened by evil creatures. Centuries later, through the Witches and the hero who they found, the war ended and the enemies were sealed in the Oneiric World or World of Dreams.

Your adventure begins in the role of Khoma, whose father was cursed by the Blue Witch and is in a deep dream.

That's why he's looking for the Red Witch, who can help him.

■ Explore a vast kingdom full of secrets.
■ Overcome the dungeons with hard puzzles.
■ Use and get new magic spells to open your way.
■ Combat fearsome enemies.
■ Prove your skills as an adventurer finding more than 400 treasures.
■ Complete the secondary lines of the game to get rewards.
■ Meet the craziest characters and discover the weirdest stories you could imagine.
■ Enjoy over 10 hours of gameplay.
■ Game in English and Spanish
■ 100% free to play. No IAPs.

It's time to indie games! Khoma's father needs you! And you have no excuse because Stories of Bethem is totally free. There is only one requirement: To have fun!

Are you stuck? Take a look at the walkthrough on YouTube:

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